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Compression Packing

Braided Compression Packing

Compression Packing is a soft, pliant and resilient material that is configured for inserting into an annular space, gland or stuffing box to seal a rotary, reciprocating or static device such as a pump or valve. Compression Packing is also commonly known as packing, braided packing, mechanical packing, pump gland packing, valve stem packing, rope packing.

GraficBraid® Graphite Packing

GraficBraid® is braided from specially treated flexible graphite yarn. This flexible graphite yarn is made from exfoliated high purity crystalline mineral graphite (flake graphite). It maintains all characteristics of mineral graphite: heat resistant, chemical resistant, resilient, lubricant, pliable, conformable, and thermal conductive.

GraficBraid styles: GraficBraid 1000 - Standard Style

GraficBraid 1000W - Inconel Inserted

GraficBraid 1000C - With Carbon Corners

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Graflon Packing, PTFE Graphite - GFO Equal

Graflon™is a graphitized PTFE(Teflon®) yarn manufactured through a specially engineered process. High purity micronized graphite is encapsulated in a PTFE matrix structure. The graphitized PTFE yarn combines high thermal conductivity from graphite with all other great properties of PTFE. This combination gives Graflon 1200 packing great sealing properties that other products cannot offer: compressible, durable, self-lubricating, chemical resistant and heat dissipating.

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PTFE Teflon Packing Style 1400

1400 PTFE Packing is braided with high purity PTFE(Teflon) filament. It is resilient, chemical resistant, self-lubricating, and withstand high linear speed and pressure with minimum wearing to the shaft.

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